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by Rich Bellis

On the first E-book Best-Seller List of the new year, low prices appear to carry the day. The average price of a bestseller is just $4.36, down from $5.96 the week before the holidays. Discounting meant to appeal to last-minute holiday shoppers is the likeliest reason for the sharp drop. Only a single title among this week’s top 25 has a price-tag greater […] more »

by Carla King

In 2014 it seems that both publishers and authors accepted the fact that self-publishing and traditional publishing are not mutually exclusive. Non-delusional authors sell books and build platforms concurrently with seeking an agent and a traditional deal. Today’s publishers like to see proof that the author has an audience. The “hybrid author” is more the […] more »

by Sonia Paul

At MediaShift, our sweet spot is covering the space where technology and media intersect. And what a dynamic space that is — always changing, always shifting. 2014 was no different. As we see it, here are the biggest stories and trends that shaped the media and technology industry in 2014, and will likely reverberate into […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

It has been a year filled with more tectonic shifts for the media landscape, from the changing face of media ownership to the mounting dangers for journalists at home and abroad, from battles in the e-book world to the increasing power of mobile apps, to the game-changing social power of Facebook in how we find […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. E-books could finally inch past print In 2018 (John Biggs / TechCrunch) 2. Apple $450 million e-book settlement gets final court approval (Nate Raymond / Reuters) 3. The indie author’s guide to customer reviews (Daniel Lefferts / Publishers Weekly) 4. Author Frederic Laloux invites readers to “pay what feels right” for “Reinventing Organizations” 5. […] more »

by Rich Bellis

Self-published authors keep up their recent strong showing on this week’s e-book best-seller list, with three of them moving into the top ten. All three titles in Deborah Bladon’s “Ruin” trilogy appear on this week’s list, a fifth of which consists of self-published titles. The other two include “The Arrangement 17″ by H.M. Ward, which makes its debut this week, […] more »

by Rich Bellis

John Grisham’s “Gray Mountain” hits the top of the E-book Best-Seller List this week, swapping places with “Gone Girl,” the Gillian Flynn novel that held strong at No 1. for the past six weeks. Two other Gillian Flynn titles remain within the top 25, though: “Dark Places“ and “Sharp Objects.” And it’s all good news anyway for Penguin Random […] more »

by Rich Bellis

The past several weeks have not seen particularly strong showings for Hachette on the E-book Best-Seller List, partly because of the publisher’s battle with Amazon and partly because of the steep competition from competitors, especially Penguin Random House. But this week Hachette titles are making a modest comeback, led by James Patterson’s “Burn,” which debuts at […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Instagram, Chinese media restricted as Hong Kong riots (Variety) 2. No writer is an island: On publishing, self and otherwise (Roger Tagholm / Publishing Perspectives) 3. Polish newspaper launches interactive data journalism site (Catalina Albeanu / Journalism.co.uk) 4. The big conundrum: Should journalists learn code? (Jackie Spinner / American Journalism Review) 5. Facebook will […] more »

by Jeremy Greenfield

The top seven e-book bestsellers this week are from Penguin Random House, the world’s largest publisher and its largest producer of bestselling books. Nearly half of the top 25 bestselling e-books are Penguin Random House. Gayle Forman’s “If I Stay” held the No. 1 spot for a fifth straight week after it dethroned John Green’s “The […] more »