Having a strong personal voice that isn't condescending is a good tactic for reaching millennial audiences, says Jennifer Maerz. Screenshot courtesy of RJI.
WBUR's new website, slated for release in early 2016, goes for an experience that mirrors that of Spotify or Pandora -- an audio-focused experience rather than a traditional web one. Screenshot courtesy of RJI.
Citizen Journalism
by Reuben Stern

This week we explore a tool that checks the authenticity of photos, and we see a new approach to audio news on the Web. PART 1: Verified Pixel Project It can be difficult and time-consuming to verify that user-submitted photos really do show what they purport to show, especially during fast-moving news stories. So the […] more »

by JD Lasica

In reading MediaShift’s series on content marketing and how it intersects with journalism, it struck me that a couple of pieces of the puzzle still needed to be filled in: The why: The reason behind content marketing’s rapid rise. The startup angle: Not all content marketing is being done by big corporate brands. So let […] more »

by Arionne Nettles

I spent most of 1989 playing games on the Apple //c computer my dad handed down to me when he upgraded to a newer version. In 1999, I took pride in being the first person in my class to code a calculator by scratch using Visual Basic. But at Florida A&M University in 2003, I […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Media measurement has never been easier and it’s never been more complicated and obtuse. Sure, you can easily connect your website to Google Analytics or look at Facebook or Twitter stats. But how do you know if your media content is making a real impact, changing lives, culture and even government regulation and legislation? That […] more »

Citizen Journalism
by Reuben Stern

This week we see how aerial drones are being fitted with 360-degree video cameras, and we learn how an anonymous social platform might help with news coverage. PART 1: 360-degree drone video Working as a fellow inside the BuzzFeed Open Lab, Ben Kreimer is finding new ways to capture 360-degree footage from aerial drones. We […] more »

by Barrett Golding

Dear newspaper publishers, People are calling you names: “News Sites Are Fatter and Slower Than Ever.” They question your competence: “Local newspapers have done a terrible job building local digital audiences.” Your local papers are the major employer of our nation’s reporters and the reservoir of regional history. We need you, but you’re losing us. […] more »

by Genevieve Belmaker

The business of freelance journalism no longer fits into the framework of a generation ago. It doesn’t even fit into the framework of ten years ago. That fact begs the question: what is the current framework, then? The simplest answer might lie in part within a cluster of so-called freelance platforms that have sprung up […] more »

Legacy Media
by Reuben Stern

This week we explore a new Google tool for creating immersive wrap-around multimedia; and we look at some mobile apps that capture 3-D imagery. PART 1: Story Spheres One of the latest things to come out of the Google News Lab is Story Spheres, a tool for creating wraparound interactive experiences. Story Spheres enables users […] more »

by Sonia Paul

Much has been said about the lack of voice and opportunity for women in both journalism and technology, especially when it comes to business and leadership positions. With this in mind, MediaShift and the USC Annenberg School for Journalism and Communication produced a weekend Women’s Hackathon from Oct. 9 to 11, 2015, at USC’s Wallis Annenberg Hall in Los […] more »

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