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by Jefferson Yen

For some time, Facebook has been in an elaborate dance with large news publishers, hoping to sweep their content off publishers’ sites and onto Facebook. While publishers have been wary of giving up control, many signed up for the new Instant Articles feature on Facebook’s iOS app, helping load their content quickly instead of the […] more »

by Meagan Doll

On Wednesday, May 27, our #EdShift chat on Twitter will cover how media outlets and professionals are using social channels to post original content. Along with a rise in the number of adults who get their news from social media sites, emerging tools such as Facebook’s Instant Articles suggest there’s no slowing down this trend. But […] more »

by Andrew DeVigal

OPB’s John Sepulvado recently interviewed me for a story on robo-journalism. The piece led with The Upshot’s “Best and Worst Places to Grow Up,” a dynamically written story which I also wrote about a couple of days of before. In both, I shared my excitement about how technology is evolving as a tool to help […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. 78th class of Nieman Fellows announced (via Nieman Foundation) 2. With Facebook’s Instant Articles, publishers may find 70 cents is better than a dollar (Jack Marshall / Wall Street Journal) 3. As podcast revenues climb, NPR board questions effect on radio sales (Ben Mook / Current) 4. The path ahead for Quartz, the business […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Verizon-AOL, Facebook Instant Articles, and the future of digital advertising (Ben Thompson / Stratechery) 2. Snapchat will feature weekly content from MLB and baseball fans (Jack Marshall / Wall Street Journal) 3. Why Facebook’s Internet.org is stumbling in India (Kurt Wagner & Mark Bergen / Re/code) 4. The Onion uses its redesign to mock […] more »

by Dale Blasingame

This is truly a fascinating time to be part of or connected to the world of journalism. The issues being discussed right now regarding native content in social spaces will go a long way in determining the future of our industry. I tend to be as optimistic as possible, and I think there is plenty […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Erin Lee Carr remembers her father, NYT columnist David Carr (via Glamour) 2. Facebook ‘filter bubble’ study raises more questions than it answers (Mathew Ingram / Fortune) 3. Study: Metrics have ‘powerful influence’ on journalists’ morale (Abigail Edge / Journalism.co.uk) 4. VHX, a “Netflix for the everyman,” wants you to make money from your […] more »

by Jenny Shank

Did you hear the one about the guy who trotted a live ox out on stage during his TED talk and invited the audience to guess its weight? If so, then you’re already acquainted with Lior Zoref, an Israel-based “crowd wisdom researcher” and public speaker. Zoref began his career at Microsoft, becoming a vice president of […] more »

by Jefferson Yen

Our news consumption is becoming increasingly mobile according to Pew’s annual State of The News Media report. Americans are now turning to their phones and tablets to catch up on the news. More people are visiting news sites like the New York Times on mobile than on their desktops. More than 75 percent of the […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. FBI slammed on Capitol Hill for ‘stupid’ ideas about encryption (Patrick Howell O’Neill / Daily Dot) 2. Google and Facebook are our frenemy. Beware (Emily Bell / Columbia Journalism Review) 3. In earthquake-ravaged Nepal, the BBC is using messaging app Viber to share information and safety tips (Joseph Lichterman / Nieman Lab) 4. Twitter […] more »