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Photo by Melanie Holtsman and used here with Creative Commons license.
by Michele McLellan

This post first appeared on the Knight Digital Media Center’s site. As Philadelphia’s preeminent for-profit news organization moves into the non-profit fold, Nicholas Lemann, former dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, suggests the growing non-profit news sector needs a code of ethics for maintaining journalistic independence from donors and other sources of revenue. Lemann, […] more »

by Josh Stearns

Current’s “The Pub,” which is hosted Adam Ragusea, is quickly becoming one of my favorite media podcasts. Recently Ragusea rebroadcast an excellent commentary he did back in April about his idea that authenticity is the new authority. “Authority is an artifice, a facade, that is thoroughly broken down,” says Ragusea. “The only substitute is authenticity. […] more »

by Patricia Aufderheide

An audit by the Center for Media and Social Impact of different documentary series on commercial and public TV has found that the most diverse documentary series on TV are “Independent Lens” and “POV,” public TV series. They are more diverse than both commercial series and other public TV series. But commercial TV has plenty of […] more »

by Alex Remington

Does page design affect the way the brain processes news stories? Yes — and we have experimental lab results that prove it. Key takeaways Reader experience can be significantly improved by: Formatting the text of the story into shorter paragraphs. Highlighting important story facts and terms. Clean, uncluttered page design. Similarly, the following distracting elements accompanying the […] more »

by Yael Grauer

Award-winning investigative journalist, author and anthropologist Scott Carney thinks that writers are getting paid too little. Way too little. His solution? To make publications compete against one another — and after raising $9,307 from 246 backers (full disclosure: I was one of them) through Kickstarter in May, he’s now launched a two-tiered project to do just that. […] more »

by Katie Steiner

“The home page is dead.” We’ve heard that phrase a lot the last couple years, especially after it was reported that traffic to the New York Times’ home page had decreased by more than 50 percent over two years. In his response, Vox’s Ezra Klein said that the home page wasn’t dead, but it was […] more »

by Sonia Paul

Much has been said about the lack of voice and opportunity for women in both journalism and technology, especially when it comes to business and leadership positions. With this in mind, MediaShift and the USC Annenberg School for Journalism and Communication produced a weekend Women’s Hackathon from Oct. 9 to 11, 2015, at USC’s Wallis Annenberg Hall in Los […] more »

by Darlena Cunha

In June, I was putting the finishing touches on a longform story about protecting ecosystems from climate change. After weeks of reportage and three rounds of edits, the publisher was set to green-light my 2,000 words. My editor just needed a few final details that would describe the ideas of the lead scientist I profiled […] more »

by Patricia Aufderheide

What kinds of opportunities are opening up for filmmakers and journalists in short-form video on news sites? The field is expanding rapidly, though most folks are still in experimental mode. At a panel at 100Reporters’ “Double Exposure” symposium in Washington, D.C., digital video programmers from several news media outlets explained how they’re building knowledge, brand […] more »

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