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by Julie Keck

1. 80 percent of MOOC students already have a college degree (Jimmy Daly / EdTech Higher Ed) 2. Code.org’s ‘Hour of Code’ brings computer science into the classroom (Tony Wan / Edutopia) 3. Deadlines approaching for 2014 journalism fellowships, internships (Anna Li / Poynter) 4. Opinion: We need coding in schools, but where are the […] more »

by Teresa Gorman

Social Media content on MediaShift is sponsored by the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships, a program offering innovative and entrepreneurial journalists the resources of Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Learn more here. During Thanksgiving week, the debate over stricter TSA security measures was turning into the big story. A handful of airport security anecdotes were […] more »

by Dave Gustafson

Elections test how much information a news organization can process and then quickly and accurately share it with an audience. They’re also a good time for news organizations to take stock of how far they’ve come since the last one, and to try the latest journalistic tools (or gimmicks). Four years ago, YouTube was nascent […] more »

by Kate Gardiner

When the PBS NewsHour relaunched both on-air and online in December, a new homepage was unveiled, a news blog was born and a new correspondent joined the team. But another big change unfolded behind the scenes as well: The addition of a social media desk assistant (myself) dedicated to fostering an online community and better […] more »

by Chris Amico

The [oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico](http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/horizon-oil-spill.html) has lasted more than two months now. It is the worst spill in U.S. history, and it is likely to continue until at least August. And in covering it, PBS NewsHour has broken every traffic record it ever had thanks to great reporting, our live video feed […] more »

by Anna Shoup

Collaboration is one of the public broadcasting buzzwords of the moment. The new PBS NewsHour is a national news organization that is trying to figure out how collaboration works. Collaboration was one of the bullet points when we announced the changes to the program. As with the staff reorganization, which I wrote about in my […] more »

by Anna Shoup

About two months have passed since we officially became the PBS NewsHour. I wrote my previous update for MediaShift” just after the two staffs — broadcast and online — merged into one building and were getting used to having each other around. But, really, how merged have these two teams become? The initial good news […] more »

by Amanda Hirsch

“Online: Content is king. I don’t disagree. But collaboration is queen. In chess the king is the most important, but the queen is the most powerful.” 
- David Cohn We in public media produce a lot of content, but historically we haven’t had a lot of collaboration. That’s been changing recently, and I’m fortunate enough […] more »

by Anna Shoup

This is the first of a series of posts by Anna Shoup, the local/national editor for the program that will soon be renamed “PBS NewsHour.” She will provide an insider’s look at how the broadcast is changing, including the recent merging of its broadcast and online teams. The “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” is re-incarnating itself […] more »