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by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

Must Reads is MediaShift’s daily curation of the big stories about media and technology from across the web. Sign up here to get these delivered right to your inbox. 1. Inside Facebook’s Ambitious Plan to Connect the Whole World (Jessi Hempel / Wired) 2. Crowdfunded Journalism: A Small but Growing Addition to Publicly Driven Journalism […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Virtual reality news is becoming a reality in many newsrooms (Gurman Bhatia / Poynter) 2. Nielsen says total audience measurement is coming ‘by the end of the year’ (Jason Lynch / AdWeek) 3. With money from Knight, the AP will create standards for data journalism (Kristen Hare / Poynter) 4. Twitter has a 136-page […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How journalism schools are adjusting to the digital age (Danny Funt / Columbia Journalism Review) 2. A trade mag’s challenge to make online features more immersive (Catalina Albeanu / Journalism.co.uk) 3. Nielsen explains how it’s adapting to the rise of online video (Keach Hagey / Wall Street Journal) 4. 3 questions for Twitter (and […] more »

by Sonia Paul

This week MediaShift is doing a special in-depth report on cutting the cord to cable TV — who’s doing it, why, and how. One of our most popular posts over the past 5 years has been our special guides to cutting the cord, which we first published in January 2010 and again in 2012.  Stay tuned […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Can wine tastings and movie tickets really help newspapers keep subscribers? (Caroline O’Donovan / Nieman Lab) 2. Spain’s publishers brace for Google News shutdown (David Roman / Wall Street Journal Digits) 3. eMerge Americas tech & innovation event returns to showcase Miami’s entrepreneurial spirit (via Knight Foundation) 4. Everyone is a Newser with NBC […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Media habits of liberals, conservatives: ‘different worlds’ (Brian Stelter / CNN Money) 2. Nielsen, Adobe to measure online TV across multiple devices (Jennifer Saba / Reuters) 3. Ebola Deeply builds on the lessons of single-subject news sites (Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab) 4. Inside Gamergate’s (successful) attack on the media (Caitlin Dewey / The […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Edward Snowden’s privacy tips: “Get rid of Dropbox,” avoid Facebook and Google (Anthony Ha / TechCrunch) 2. AJ+ hires Circa’s Chief Content Officer David Cohn (Janko Roettgers / GigaOm) 3. YouTube takes Manhattan (David Carr / The New York Times) 4. Nielsen says it screwed up — but its fix won’t help TV’s real […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Esquire sets up paywall to benefit James Foley memorial fund (Michael Sebastian / AdAge) 2. Internet traffic records could be broken this week thanks to apple, NFL, etc. (Dan Rayburn / Streaming Media Blog) 3. Netflix to join ‘Internet slowdown’ protest over net neutrality (Brendan Sasso / National Journal) 4. Venezuela’s press crackdown stokes […] more »

by Fannie Cohen

The TV ad market is still a $78 billion dollar industry, and the amount of ad dollars it commands has grown every year since 2009. But the growth of that spending is shrinking year-over-year, leaving some wondering if ad money is finally flowing away from TV and onto the internet. The sale price for a […] more »

by Leandro Oliva

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Leandro Oliva. 1. Better than Nielsen: Twitter breaks down TV behavior by demographics, device, and genre (The Verge) 2. Redditors accuse BuzzFeed of photo theft (Mashable) 3. CBS takes aim at a rival, shoots CNET in the foot (paidContent) 4. The New York Times’ plan to […] more »