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by Zach C. Cohen

It’s a scary but exciting world for newspaper owners right now, especially if they’re in a selling mood. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post last week (while our podcast was on vacation — great timing!), and Red Sox owner John Henry bought the Boston Globe before that. As newspapers […] more »

by Gabriel Kahn

By now, the ink has dried on Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post and commentators have dissected the deal from a multitude of different angles. Yet, I still can’t contain my excitement about what this could potentially mean for the news industry. Billionaires have always lusted after media properties, and this trend hasn’t slowed […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Washington Post Co. chairman and CEO Don Graham on the sale of the company to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and more (Neiman Lab) 2. Google revamps search to feature in-depth articles (CNET) 3. Tech magnates bet on Twitter-savvy politician Booker and his future (NYT) 4. Twitter’s killer new two-factor authentication kicks SMS to the curb […] more »

by Janet Asteroff

The joke going around right now is that nothing will change at the Washington Post, but in two years you’ll only be able to read it on a Kindle. After seven consecutive years of declining revenue, the Graham family has sold the newspaper to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. As reported in the Washington Post, Post […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Wow. Most people were floored and surprised to hear that the Graham family sold the Washington Post newspaper to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. What does Bezos have in mind? Will he really leave it unchanged (doubtful)? Will he drop the print product? It will be interesting to watch, and it’s hard not to […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Washington Post to be sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Washington Post) 2. Study links TV viewership and Twitter conversations (NYT) 3. Dish Network reports net loss, decline in pay-TV subscribers (Reuters) 4. Time Warner offers to ‘unbundle’ CBS channels to end dispute (Poynter) 5. The short story of Longreads (GigaOm)   Get our […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

D.C.’s hometown paper announced Aug. 5 that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, bought the Washington Post and a number of other Post Co.-owned newspapers for $250 million. The Post has been controlled by the Graham family for 80 years. Here’s how journalists — at the Post and beyond — reacted to the news, as well […] more »

by Jenny Shank

People have used books as a reliable tool to transmit and preserve information, ideas, and stories for hundreds of years. E-books have enjoyed wide use for only about six years — counting from when Amazon introduced its Kindle in 2007. Yet e-books have rapidly upended so many facets of the traditional book world that the […] more »

by Mark Hannah

In what some initially speculated to be a homophobic new expurgation policy, Amazon.com removed hundreds of gay and lesbian themed books from its sales rating system, effectively concealing these books from online shoppers. Some titles were completely delisted from Amazon’s search engine. The controversy may never have provoked such widespread media attention — or an […] more »