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by Julie Keck

1. Why Gene Demby, lead blogger for NPR’s Code Switch, considered quitting (Jim Warren / Poynter) 2. Race and ethnicity, device usage, and connectivity (via American Press Institute) 3. Ten years after Katrina, a new startup sector takes hold in New Orleans (Steven Melendez / Fast Company) 4. How do we improve online news design […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Japanese readers spend the most money on e-books (Mike Kozlowski / Good e-Reader) 2. Surveying small publishing’s data on e-books (Simon Collinson / FutureBook) 3. New York to partner with Amazon on e-books (Daniel Berkowitz / Digital Book World) 4. Digital writing: If only community weren’t so communal (Porter Anderson / FutureBook) 5. Most […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Federal Election Commission shows how to disclose data in a digital democracy (Alexander Howard / Huffington Post) 2. Facebook rolls out news feed controls (Joanna Stern / Wall Street Journal) 3. Twitter wants to celebrate your birthday, too (Pavithra Mohan / Fast Company) 4. Informing the world: An interview with AP’s Gary Pruitt (Alexander […] more »

by Reuben Stern

This week we see how TwitterTrails evaluates the credibility of a rumor spreading in social media, and we learn how new tools are making it easier to extract data from websites.   PART 1: TwitterTrails Developed as part of a research project at Wellesley College, TwitterTrails can trace the origins of rumors on Twitter to see […] more »

by Jefferson Yen

The NewFronts are the digital publishing world’s answer to the Upfronts. If you aren’t familiar with the Newfronts, they are an opportunity for publishers to pitch advertisers on the value of their audience and tech platform. In the past, they were treated as somewhat of a sideshow, but this year they threatened to outshine the […] more »

by Ranvir Gujral

The following opinion piece is a guest post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication. Read more about MediaShift guest posts here. On the first day of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference this year, Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the event by talking about data. Over the past year, the use of Facebook’s […] more »

by Martha Kang

First came the web. Then came social media. Now journalists face a new challenge on the horizon: big data. It used to be that data journalism lived in a corner of the newsroom, in the care of investigative or business reporters. But in recent years, big data has amassed at such a rate that it […] more »

by Aisling Niestroy

In an age where everyone is struggling for clicks and page views, what are the meaningful metrics that can help media makers and strategists gauge real impact? Media leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs gathered for Collab/Space Austin last Thursday, April 16, 2015 for a hands-on, day-long workshop devoted to this very question. The event was co-produced […] more »

by Cindy Royal

Innovation took the stage at the 16th annual International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) April 17-18 in Austin, Texas. ISOJ has a long-standing reputation for bringing together the best and brightest of digital media professionals and scholars. Led by the force of nature that is Rosental Alves, this conference has become known for high-quality networking […] more »

by Reuben Stern

This week we see how satellite data can be used for storytelling, and we learn some ways that data reporting can improve breaking-news coverage. PART 1: Storytelling with satellite images The New York Times often incorporates satellite imagery into graphic presentations to tell far-flung stories in new ways. Graphics editor Derek Watkins explains how he […] more »