Tag: best practices

by Jefferson Yen

Online comments sections – in their most ideal form – are supposed to be places readers could leave their thoughts after they had read an article. It was supposed to serve as a forum where civilized discussion could take place and would add value even after a piece was finished. Instead, we’ve all become more […] more »

by Amanda Hirsch

This Thanksgiving, while others are stuffing turkeys and dotting casserole dishes of sweet potatoes with mini-marshmallows, we at Collaboration Central are serving up something completely different: a survival strategy. Let’s face it: Many people dread this holiday, with its requisite bringing together of family members who vastly prefer being apart. In this way, Thanksgiving is […] more »

by Carrie Lozano

My first professional job out of college was surprisingly relevant to what I’ve been doing of late. I started as a program analyst at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General in the Office of Evaluation and Inspections. In federal government parlance, that would be the OEI in the OIG at […] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

In my job as the social media editor for MediaShift, I’m used to fitting big ideas into tight spaces. But recently, in the fray of 140-character editing, I struggled to condense a curious statistic. Finishing up, I double-checked grammar, the link, and clicked “submit” as usual. It was retweeted more than 100 times (see the […] more »

by Jen Lee Reeves

I was wrapping up a normal evening of checking through my newsroom’s content before bed when I noticed I had been invited to a Facebook group. This was about seven hours after Mark Zuckerberg and his team introduced a number of changes to groups. The change that most piqued my interest was the new groups […] more »

by Mark Glaser

There’s a new series of demands being made in company meetings everywhere: “What is our social media strategy? What are we doing on Facebook and Twitter? I want followers and fans, and I want them now!” But before companies large and small — as well as non-profits and charities — jump into social media, they […] more »

by Alfred Hermida

With a new Web 2.0 service apparently springing up every week, it can be bewildering for a journalist trying to remain relevant in a digital age. Too often, new technology is seen as a burden that adds to an already packed workday. But while many journalists want to embrace new ways of reaching audiences, they […] more »

by Mark Glaser

McCain mashup on ColbertNation.com You just created the best video mash-up ever, taking a speech given by John McCain broadcast on Fox News, remixing it with the song “Ol’ Man River,” and quick-cutting in clips from gangsta rappers. You upload it to YouTube and other video-sharing sites, and watch the views pile up. But have […] more »