Tag: wearables

by Reuben Stern

This week we look at capturing and delivering immersive virtual reality content and we get some tips on tailoring news for the Apple Watch. PART 1: Creating VR content As more news organizations jump into immersive virtual reality storytelling, we highlight a few options for putting the finished material online and explore some of the […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Wrist Reporting: Testing the Limits of the Apple Watch on Assignment (Lauren Slome / RJI) 2. Germany Makes Facebook, Google, and Twitter Remove Hate Speech Within 24 hours (Andrii Degeler / Ars Technica UK) 3. Majority of Jailed Journalists Worldwide Work Online, Report Finds (Benjamin Mullin / Poynter) 4. Personalized Text Messages: The New […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Google collected data on school children without permission (Kim Zetter / Wired) 2. USC Annenberg receives $5 million to increase newsroom diversity (Tracie Powell / All Digitocracy) 3. How a president is fighting online harassment of minority students (Peter Schmidt / Chronicle of Higher Education) 4. Millennials sound off on wearables and news consumption […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Edward Snowden may be the most powerful person on Twitter (Julia Greenberg / Wired) 2. Commission restricts what journalists can report about freedom of information (Oliver Wright / Independent) 3. Twitter’s video ad strategy now looks like YouTube’s ad strategy (Peter Kafka / Re/code) 4. How 3 New Jersey newsrooms are turning to their […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The Apple Watch will expose how little publishers know about their readers (Joshua Benton / Nieman Lab) 2. Last year, the Sun Sentinel made digital a priority. So how’s it going? (Kristen Hare / Poynter) 3. Why publishers struggle to monetize their paywall data (Lucia Moses / Digiday) 4. Readers have mixed feelings about […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Ananta Bijoy Das: Yet another Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death (Saeed Ahmed / CNN) 2. Verizon has likely already hung a ‘For Sale’ sign on the Huffington Post (Mathew Ingram / Fortune) 3. Ad-tech, not content, is king in the Verizon-AOL deal (Alex Kantrowitz / Advertising Age) 4. AP brings a new audience to […] more »

by Jefferson Yen

In recent years, as wearable technology has become increasingly popular people have been waiting for Apple to introduce their version, which will start shipping today. It’s still too early to tell whether or not the Apple Watch will be revolutionary in the way that the iPod or iPhone were — or more of a Newton-like […] more »

by Meagan Doll

In this podcast, Catalina Albeanu, reporter with Journalism.co.uk where this podcast originally appeared, explores innovation in journalism education with Dan Pacheco, professor and Horvitz Chair in Journalism Innovation at Syracuse University; Jeff Howe, assistant professor at Northeastern University; and Katy Culver, assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and PBS MediaShift’s educator curator. The podcast explores how journalism […] more »

by Amy Schmitz Weiss

Wearable technology is becoming a common topic in daily news coverage — from discussion on the latest physical fitness trackers to buy and the hype around the Apple smartwatch that will launch this year. Wearable technologies, devices that can track and hold data about individuals and the environment around them, are gaining traction in the […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. #JeSuisCharlie: 12 dead at Paris offices of satirical magazine (Claire Phipps & Alexandra Topping / Guardian) 2. Police now monitoring and criminalizing online speech (Glenn Greenwald / The Intercept) 3. A look back at ‘Eastern Ukraine Unfiltered’ (Daniel Kennedy / Global Voices) 4. How citizen reporters in India provide us with some of our […] more »