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by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

Must Reads is MediaShift’s daily curation of the big stories about media and technology from across the web. Sign up here to get these delivered right to your inbox. 1. Google Now Has an Official Virtual Reality Boss to Take On Facebook’s Oculus (Mark Bergen / Re/Code) 2. The State of the Union Was About […] more »

by Patricia Aufderheide

TFI Interactive, Games for Change, and Storyscapes this year were, as in the past, wildly stimulating and provocative experiences at the Tribeca Film Festival. But I found myself wondering if in the interactive space, we’re ready to get a little definition on what we’re talking about. For instance: Is there anything we can’t call interactive? At […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The Washington Post partners with student newspapers at UMD, Columbia (Nick Massella / FishBowl DC) 2. Online MOOC courses deliver Ebola health advice (Sean Coughlan / BBC News) 3. Oculus Rift virtual-reality system weighed by higher education institutions (Benjamin Herold / Education Week) 4. Michigan State launches food MOOC portal with EdCast (Roger Riddell […] more »

by Barbara Iverson

Online News Association (ONA) is the cool kids’ conference when it comes to journalism. One way it builds that cachet is the access it gives to those who can’t make it in person, either to all the sessions or to the conference at all. ONA was the first of the journalism organizations to embrace a “digital first”  […] more »

by Jessica Clark

Inside the Oculus Rift headset, I’m acutely aware of my breathing. A farm landscape whizzes by as I swivel my neck, and then speed towards an icon with the push of a joystick. With a click, I’m on the back of a truck, staring down a herd of pixelated stampeding cattle. Is this journalism? Judge […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. News for the Minecraft generation: Gannett experiments with virtual reality (Adam Hochberg / Poynter) 2. Statement on the use of Finfisher by members of the Freedom Online Coalition (Jillian York / Electronic Frontier Foundation) 3. How Harvard Business Review has turned its old content into new revenue (Folio Magazine) 4. New York Times launches […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Pew finds embattled newspaper industry still pulls in more than half of all news revenue (Rick Edmonds / Poynter) 2. Oculus Rift just put Facebook in the movie business (Andrew Wallenstein / Variety) 3. Why an Apple-Comcast deal stirs net neutrality concerns (Amy Schatz / Re/code) 4. Buzzfeed: ‘Emotional quotient matters more than IQ’ […] more »

by Amanda Enayati

Let’s all agree that there will be no more handwringing over whether robots are going to replace doctors in certain medical scenarios. Because the short answer is: yes. The virtual human health coach was science fiction a few short years ago. Now it’s fact, and it appears to work really well. Last fall I interviewed […] more »