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by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

Each Thursday, we round up the top stories of the week in journalism education and digital learning. Sign up here to get the Journalism & Digital Education Roundup delivered to your inbox.  1. Medill Heads West, Planning to Partner Journalists with Engineers (Benjamin Mullin / Poynter) 2. In Rethinking the Future of the Maynard Institute, […] more »

by Kathleen Bartzen Culver

Last year was one of challenging questions for media in the airing of graphic video: from Fox News’ decision to air a brutal video of a pilot being burned alive by ISIS to a 60 Minutes package on the aftermath of a sarin gas attack to dash-cam footage of the shooting of Laquan McDonald by Chicago […] more »

by Kathleen Bartzen Culver

I never thought I would write this: I was troubled by something, and Donald Trump helped me figure it out. Coming off the recent confrontation between protestors and journalists at the University of Missouri, I felt unsettled. My social media feeds — loaded with journalists, educators and students — almost immediately dissolved into a binary. Many […] more »

by Shaheen Pasha

I was in college the first time I heard someone use the N-word. Really use it to describe a group of people. Hip-hop group KRS One was scheduled to play a concert at my ethnically diverse New York City-based university, and I had just excitedly bought my tickets. I sat in the cafeteria with a […] more »

by Denise McGill

Journalists and protestors clashed at the University of Missouri on November 10, and thanks to social media, we all got a view of it in a widely circulated video shot by Mark Schierbecker. Despite some hairy moments in the video, things worked out well for student photojournalist Tim Tai. He acted with composure, and university […] more »

by Brett Johnson

The viral video depicting confrontation between protesters and journalists at the University of Missouri has become a hot topic of discussion in college classrooms nationwide. Commentators and pundits have labeled this incident an attack on freedom of the press, or even yet another example of overly liberal and overly sensitive college students and professors besmirching […] more »

by Sue Robinson

My newsfeeds on various social media platforms erupted last week after video emerged of University of Missouri Assistant Professor Melissa Click organizing a crowd of protesters to physically exclude a University of Missouri senior and freelance photographer, Tim Tai, and other journalists from their “safe space.” The problem was this safe space happened to be […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Getting it right when you’re caught in a Twitter storm (Gerri Berendzen / RJI) 2. Snapchat signs another publisher: The Wall Street Journal (Kurt Wagner / Re/code) 3. What should media companies do in a world controlled by giant platforms? (Mathew Ingram / Fortune) 4. With BuzzFeed’s new QuizChat app, you can take quizzes […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How student journalists at Mizzou are telling a local story that’s become national (Kristen Hare / Poynter) 2. #BlackOnCampus draws attention to African-American students’ experiences (Andy Thomason / Chronicle of Higher Education) 3. How journalism schools can train a new generation of fierce fact checkers (Josh Stearns / Medium) 4. Your dissertation is almost […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. ‘Mizzou Mafia’ member tells J-School grads that path is not easy (Ashley Jost / Columbia Tribune) 2. College faculty seeks to cut ties with online-education company (Steve Kolowich / The Chronicle of Higher Education) 3. Beer, open online learning, and Janux (Joshua Kim / Inside Higher Ed) 4. Ten tips for grabbing students’ attention […] more »