Tag: journalism curriculum

by Beatriz Wallace

Every time I move, I spend the first day or so sobbing and eating alone at greasy dives in my new town — unpacking, ignoring phone calls and making empty vows to myself. I will never move again. I will never break up again. I will never leave my friends again. I will buy a […] more »

by Adam Maksl

Co-authored with Megan Fromm Last week, after spending 30 hours observing a high school journalism classroom, freelance writer and editor  (and PBS MediaShift editorial assistant) Angela Washeck gave a first-person analysis of how today’s students are producing media. Her observations, detailed in “The Journey to Teaching High School Journalism in Texas,” mischaracterize the purpose of […] more »

by Carrie Brown

From the first time I participated in some of our local startup accelerator’s programming, I got excited about exposing my journalism students to creative, forward-thinking entrepreneurial culture. For many students, the hurdles to starting their own successful media businesses may be substantial, but no matter what, a problem-solving attitude and knowledge of economic fundamentals are […] more »