Carrie Brown

Carrie Brown is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Memphis. She teaches and does research on changing newsrooms, social media, and entrepreneurial journalism.

by Carrie Brown

What do a tiger, a badger and a duck have in common? Throughout February, they’re helping demonstrate the power of networks and social media in teaching news and strategic communication. As students in journalism courses at the universities of Memphis (Pouncer the Tiger), Wisconsin (Bucky Badger) and Oregon (The Duck) joined the annual International Collegiate Twitter […] more »

by Carrie Brown

From the first time I participated in some of our local startup accelerator’s programming, I got excited about exposing my journalism students to creative, forward-thinking entrepreneurial culture. For many students, the hurdles to starting their own successful media businesses may be substantial, but no matter what, a problem-solving attitude and knowledge of economic fundamentals are […] more »