Tag: feminism

by Aleszu Bajak

This piece was initially published on Storybench, a cookbook for digital storytelling. Storybench is a collaboration between Northeastern University’s Media Innovation program, a new graduate degree in digital journalism, and Esquire magazine. “Hillary Rodham Clinton was fortunate to come of age just as the modern feminist movement was beginning to expand opportunities for women in […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How Vice’s feminist channel ‘Broadly’ plans to get women right (Julia Greenberg / Wired) 2. Netflix becomes the 800-pound gorilla for traditional TV types (Don Kaplan / NY Daily News) 3. Amazon Studios chief: Data isn’t everything as retailer looks at big picture (Andy Meek / Guardian) 4. Inside the underage sex scandal that’s […] more »

by Amberly Alene Ellis

After the Cuban revolution of 1959, cinema became a major component of the socio-political revolution of the Cuban consciousness. Some filmmakers would experience a rise to fame, while the names of other filmmakers were almost forgotten in the public memory. In March, as a graduate MFA candidate in the American University School of Communication, I embarked […] more »

by Jillian Richardson

A 2014 study conducted by Vida, a research-driven organization that helps bring attention to women’s literature, found that female writers were shockingly underrepresented in general interest magazines. Last year, only 30 percent of articles in the New Yorker were written by women. The New Republic was even worse at 27 percent. And believe it or not, […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Do journalism schools really need to be teaching hospitals? (Nieman Lab) 2. FAA grounds journalism school drones in Missouri and Nebraska (Kansas City Star) 3. How MOOCs will evolve in the physical world (Forbes) 4. Feminist professors create alternative MOOCs (Inside Higher Ed) 5. Opinion: We need more edtech, but less technology in the […] more »

by Lucie Morillon

Lucie Morillon Women in Iran have learned to unleash the Internet’s potential to promote freedom. In the country that has, according to the OpenNet Initiative, experienced the most explosive online growth in the Middle East, the Internet has become a battleground between a repressive regime and the increasingly active feminists demanding the end of legal […] more »