Tag: factcheck.org

by Mark Hannah

With just minutes to go before last night’s second presidential debate, the folks over at PolitiFact.com sent out the following tweet: If you hear something during the #debate that you’d like us to fact-check, tweet it with #PolitiFactThis — PolitiFact (@politifact) October 17, 2012 Three hours later, after the dust had settled in the Hofstra […] more »

by Evelyn Messinger

In 2012, two tidal waves will reconfigure the American electoral system and the news media that cover it. A tsunami made of money will buoy up the structure of entrenched political power, while a huge wave of personal technology will disrupt it. I can predict both of these events with certainty because they’ve happened every […] more »

by Fabrice Florin

In June, Senator U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch made the statement that “87 million Americans will be forced out of their coverage” by President Obama’s health care plan. It was quite a claim. But was it true? That’s a common, and important, question — and it can often be hard to quickly nail down the real […] more »

by Mark Glaser

As the U.S. elections near the finish line, the presidential campaigns are throwing around enough verbal attacks and inflammatory advertising to make the average voter’s head spin. Fortunately, there are now three excellent sources for fact-checking political discourse online: Annenberg Public Policy Center’s FactCheck.org, the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly’s PolitiFact and the Washington […] more »