Tag: fact-checking

by Julie Keck

1. On Fact-Checking in Politics (Angie Drobnic Holan / New York Times) 2. Mic Hires Cory Haik from The Washington Post (Benjamin Mullin / Poynter) 3. Video Tech Veterans Raise $6 Million for Virtual Reality Streaming Startup (Janko Roettgers / Variety) 4. How Can Mark Zuckerberg Give Away Stock and While Still Controlling Facebook? (Kurt […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How student journalists at Mizzou are telling a local story that’s become national (Kristen Hare / Poynter) 2. #BlackOnCampus draws attention to African-American students’ experiences (Andy Thomason / Chronicle of Higher Education) 3. How journalism schools can train a new generation of fierce fact checkers (Josh Stearns / Medium) 4. Your dissertation is almost […] more »

by Meagan Doll

As ordinary citizens gain more access to technology to distribute their eyewitness accounts, media outlets will have to address the legal and ethical dimensions of redistributing and using this content. A recent study from Eyewitness Media Hub suggests we’re not yet realizing this reality. The study, a follow-up on amateur footage research funded by the Tow […] more »

by Jenni Sargent

Title: How to Manage, Verify Eyewitness Media on Social Instructor: Jenni Sargent, Director, Eyewitness Media Hub Photographs and videos sourced from the social web are now regularly used to report and illustrate news stories, but few media organizations have guidelines and procedures in place to help their journalists navigate the ethical and legal challenges attached […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. ‘Aaron’s Law’ is back to fix the ‘worst law in technology’ (Kevin Collier / Daily Dot) 2. Political fact-checking: Growing and influential, but partisanship is a factor (via American Press Institute) 3. Abramson ‘hasn’t let journalism’s reinvention or gender disparity clobber her optimism’ (Dan Reimold / College Media Matters) 4. The Washington Post offers […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. BuzzFeed deleted posts under pressure from its own business department (J. K. Trotter / Gawker) 2. Fusion to turn its Snapchat channel into a network with five new shows (Tim Peterson / Advertising Age) 3. Academic research: ‘Huge growth’ in fact checking by the media (James Warren / Poynter) 4. Vice, CNN, NBC and […] more »

by Jefferson Yen

In journalism, it begins and ends with credibility. It’s what allows news organizations to rise above the noise of online chatter. Unfortunately, it seems that in the effort to chase traffic and capitalize on viral content, media companies are propagating misinformation far more often than they are debunking rumours. According to Craig Silverman’s report for […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. FAA weighs letting film, TV industry use drones (Andy Pasztor / Wall Street Journal) 2. As TV time-shifting grows, networks move toward getting paid for 7 ad days instead of 3 (Jeanine Poggi / AdAge) 3. Ukrainian fact-checking site spots fake photos in social media (Lydia Tomkiw / Nieman Lab) 4. Amazon and a […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. ABC’s live Oscar Internet stream suffers nationwide outage (Todd Spangler / Variety) 2. Comcast is acquiring video ad company FreeWheel for $320 million (Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch 3. Washington Post expands fact-checking project (Craig Silverman / Poynter) 4. J-schools: Success in news today is about a lot more than reporting and writing (Lance Knobel […] more »

by Josh Stearns

Last week Twitter and CNN announced a major partnership with the data analysis startup Dataminr to shift the way journalists use Twitter as an early alert system for breaking news. Dataminr worked with CNN to fine-tune the algorithms they use, to help close the gap “between the eyewitness wanting to be heard and the journalist who wants to listen,” […] more »