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by Julie Keck

1. Jack Dorsey named CEO of Twitter (Erin Griffith / Fortune) 2. What Digicel’s next-level ad-blocking means for adland (Tim Peterson / AdAge) 3. Q&A with Vine’s Jason Toff: On betting on entertainment and leaving social behind (Kurt Wagner / Re/code) 4. Are newsletters the Internet’s new safe space for women? (Lyz Lenz / The […] more »

by Jeffrey Howe

In 2011, journalist Luke Dittrich set out to walk the 1,933-mile U.S.-Mexico border from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way he and his souped-up baby carriage encountered mountains, deserts, and border agents. A contributing editor for Esquire magazine, Dittrich chronicled his grueling journey in a story for the magazine. We’re glad he did, […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Esquire sets up paywall to benefit James Foley memorial fund (Michael Sebastian / AdAge) 2. Internet traffic records could be broken this week thanks to apple, NFL, etc. (Dan Rayburn / Streaming Media Blog) 3. Netflix to join ‘Internet slowdown’ protest over net neutrality (Brendan Sasso / National Journal) 4. Venezuela’s press crackdown stokes […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. NSA paying U.S. companies for access to communications networks (Washington Post) 2. A guide to Syria’s best citizen journalism (The New Republic) 3.  Why Foursquare’s new feature makes a Google takeover offer even more likely (GigaOm) 4. If you use WordPress, you can have tweetable sentences like in the New York Times SNL story […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Yahoo buys video creation app Qwiki for about $50 million (AllThingsD) 2. Twitter testing a new translation tool (mediabistro) 3. Encryption works: How to protect your privacy in the age of NSA surveillance (Press Freedom Foundation) 4. TV news searches for a 21st century winning model (Fiscal Times) 5. Esquire sells a new story online for the first time (Nieman Lab) 6. YouTube renews Vevo […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories of the week from across the web on e-books and self-publishing 1. Apple denies price-fixing charges in U.S. e-book lawsuit (Reuters) 2. Amazon bans spam at Kindle Store (PaidContent) 3. Non-profit launches campaign to send 1 million e-books to Africa (Mashable) 4. Esquire to enter the e-book market with men’s fiction (NYT) […] more »

by Susan Currie Sivek

Lights, camera … magazine article? Esquire recently released a 46-second video trailer for a story in its March print edition, available on newsstands yesterday: “Animals,” by Chris Jones, a feature about the escape and eventual killing of zoo animals in Zanesville, Ohio. Magazines have been creating videos to accompany articles for a while now. However, […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Lily Leung. 1. AP beats Google for Nevada caucus results (Poynter) 2. Netflix competes with pay cable with its first original series (paidContent) 3. Disney’s ABC, Univision in talks to create 24-hour cable-news channel (Wall Street Journal) 4. Publishers are flubbing the iPad, […] more »

by Terri Thornton

You point your wireless device — cell phone, iPad, whatever — at a graphic on a box of unassembled furniture and then the instructions, complete with 3-D diagrams, instantly appear on-screen. Point at a piece of paper and it’s suddenly a game board shared by friends across the room or across the world. This is […] more »

by Ira Basen

In 1978, in the middle of a deep economic recession, an 18 year-old girl named Dolly Freed wrote a book about living in a non-monetary economy called “Possum Living: How to live well without a job and with almost no money.” The book described how Dolly and her father were able to live happily in […] more »