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by Simon Roughneen

BANGALORE, India — The Indian government has gone on the offensive against Internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, demanding hundreds of pages be removed or blocked after political unrest erupted in various parts of the country. On August 15, India’s independence day, Indian northeasterners began fleeing Bangalore, the country’s southern IT hub and […] more »

by Clothilde Le Coz

Even though they’re far away from the center of the action in Cairo, Chinese web users felt the impact of the current demonstrations and political change afoot in Egypt. Chinese users searching for “Egypt” on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, came up empty, and 467 sites were reported inaccessible after a call for a […] more »

by Anne Nelson

This article was co-authored by Mayur Patel Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti last January, killing more than 230,000 people and leaving several million inhabitants of the small island nation homeless. Though natural disasters are common, the humanitarian response this time was different: New media and communications technologies were used […] more »

by Jason Feinberg

I’ve been covering the digital music business for MediaShift for more than 18 months, and in that time I’ve chronicled new services and examined key trends and news. Below is a look at 10 things that I’ve come to believe are true about the modern music business. 1. The “DIY Revolution” has Been Relatively Ineffective […] more »

by Elle Moxley

Elle Moxley BEIJING — As basketball fans geared up for the U.S.-China pairing on August 10, a banner headline in the China Daily predicted more than a billion fans would watch the game. There were watch parties everywhere — at ex-pat bars, local dives, even the hotel room two doors down from me. And in […] more »

by Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

A few weeks ago I told you about the perpetuation of print newspapers here in Spain, and in that post I mentioned the fact that you don’t see a whole lot of laptops being used on the streets of Barcelona or Madrid. One might think that this is an indication of a lack of love […] more »