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by Jessica Weiss

Knight International Journalism Fellow Babatunde Akpeji is building a network of citizen journalists to cover health in Nigeria‚Äôs Delta region, an area rich in oil and natural resources but beset by severe poverty. Akpeji trains the citizen journalists in basic reporting techniques, simple audio and video production, mobile tools and journalism ethics. Then, the participants […] more »

by Michelle May

Hassan Sadek, a 29-year-old Libyan engineer turned rebel group leader, lies in his Tunis, Tunisia, hospital bed, straining his eyes and neck to view the laptop resting on his chest. Occasionally he stops, clenching his teeth, contorting his face in pain, as he lifts one of his two casted legs for relief. He muffles his […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Marshall Kirkpatrick Welcome to the twelfth episode of “The Mediatwits,” the weekly audio podcast from MediaShift. The co-hosts are MediaShift’s Mark Glaser and Rafat Ali, the founder of PaidContent. This week’s show looks at the recent launch of Facebook video chat with Skype built in. While Facebook called its announcement “awesome” it was underwhelming for […] more »

by Neal Augenstein

Having the right tool for any job is important, especially when your finished product is due right now. Since February 2010 I’ve been doing all my field production and reporting on my iPhone for all-news WTOP-FM and wtop.com in Washington, D.C. You can read my in-depth report on how I use the iPhone for reporting […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Laura Rich Welcome to the seventh episode of “The Mediatwits,” the new revamped longer form weekly audio podcast from MediaShift. The co-hosts are MediaShift’s Mark Glaser along with PaidContent founder Rafat Ali. This week’s show looks at Microsoft’s massive payout, $8.5 billion, for Skype, a popular communication service that still loses money. Our guest this […] more »

by Jen Lee Reeves

Education content on MediaShift is sponsored by the USC Annenberg nine-month M.A. in Specialized Journalism. USC’s highly customized degree programs are tailored to the experienced journalist and gifted amateur. Learn more about how USC Annenberg is immersed in tomorrow. I’ve always dreamed of a time when my community could come together with the help of […] more »

by Mark Glaser

4MR is sponsored by Carnegie-Knight News21, an alliance of 12 journalism schools in which top students tell complex stories in inventive ways. See tips for spurring innovation and digital learning at Learn.News21.com. In this week’s 4MR podcast I look at the recently launched free phone service from Google through Gmail. Undercutting Skype and other VoIP […] more »