Tag: satire

by Julie Keck

1. Twitter has a short-term Periscope problem and a long-term media mess (Peter Kafka / Re/code) 2. The Upshot uses geolocation to push readers deeper into data (Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab) 3. Vice TV network has already sold 3 years’ worth of ad time, CEO says (Nat Ives / Advertising Age) 4. Twitter data […] more »

by Stephen J. A. Ward

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I and other journalists in Western democracies deplored the violence and defended freedom of expression against terrorism. A common defense of the satirical magazine’s barbed cartoons was “the right to offend.” Some commentators made the principle absolute, and then concluded the following: If news media did not […] more »

by Josh Stearns

When I heard about the attack on the offices of the French satirical weekly magazine, Charlie Hebdo, with 12 people killed including four top political cartoonists, I was speechless. I have been writing about press freedom and violence against journalists for half a decade, but in the wake of these killings words failed me. Words […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The great satirical-news scam of 2014 (Emmett Rensin / The New Republic) 2. Should you have a right to sell your e-books and digital music? (Jeff John Roberts / GigaOm) 3. The New York Times can’t abandon print—yet (Ryan Chittum / Columbia Journalism Review) 4. Close to half of all U.S. households subscribe to […] more »

by Susannah Vila

Political satire is, historically, a great propeller of social movements. As Srdja Popovic, a leader of Optor, the Serbian resistance movement, said: Everything we did [had] a dosage of humor. Because I’m joking. You’re becoming angry. You’re always showing only one face. And I’m always again with another joke, with another action, with another positive […] more »