Tag: nonprofit journalism

by Julie Keck

1. What APIs can do for news (David Weinberger / Nieman Reports) 2. Laura Poitras sues U.S. government to find out why she was repeatedly stopped at the border (Jenna McLaughlin / The Intercept) 3. Is good journalism enough to sustain an investigative nonprofit? (Naomi Lubick / Poynter) 4. The panic over pro-anorexia websites and […] more »

by James Breiner

Launching a news publication online is the easy part. Paying the bills and surviving for several years is the hard part. Three of those who have evolved and survived for at least five years are La Silla Vacia, a political website in Colombia, Homicide Watch, a news and data platform in three U.S. cities, and the Texas Tribune, […] more »