Tag: library

by Laurie Putnam

If you had a few million dollars to invest in libraries, how would you invest it? That’s exactly what the News Challenge team at the Knight Foundation has been thinking about. Last year the Knight Foundation ran a library grant initiative that pulled in hundreds of entries, an energetic discussion, and creative thinking from around […] more »

by Jenny Shank

On a sunny September day in Boulder, Colo., a group of librarians from the Boulder Public Library parked a bright orange, book-filled tricycle in front of Alfalfa’s Market and lofted a sturdy sun umbrella over it to shade the curious who approached to investigate. They offered free books and temporary tattoos (“I ♥ the Boulder […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Harper Lee agrees to e-book version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (Associated Press / Guardian) 2. Blurb debuts Amazon distribution (Calvin Reid / Publishers Weekly) 3. Self-publishing: How good is good enough? (Mercy Pilkington / Good e-Reader) 4. Do you borrow e-books from your library? (Jeremy Greenfield / Forbes) 5. Three tips for monetizing […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories of the week from across the web on e-books and self-publishing 1. Sony launches web store for e-books (Engadget) 2. Forbes will let contributors publish e-books under the company’s name (Adweek) 3. Want to publish your own digital book? Here are some tips (CNET) 4. New social site will let you discover, […] more »

by Audrey Watters

Just as many predicted, sales figures show that more people are opting to buy e-books rather than printed copies. Sales of e-books rose 167 percent in June, reports Publishers Weekly, with sales totaling $473.8 million for the first half of the year. But sales of print books — both paperbacks and hardcovers — continue to […] more »