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by Carrie Lozano

Dean Baquet, managing editor of the New York Times, helped kick off the recent Logan Symposium with what’s become the event’s signature flair: You never know what’s going to fly out of someone’s mouth. There were a few surprising moments in Baquet’s opening night Q&A with investigative reporter Lowell Bergman (my boss), but the topper […] more »

by Meghan Walsh

As the recent Collab/Space 2012 event made clear, the longevity of individual news outlets increasingly relies on a willingness and ability to collaborate. Journalists, technologists and other media makers from a range of news, public media and non-profit organizations came together from across the country for the daylong event, which was hosted by the University […] more »

by Carrie Lozano

Investigative reporter Lowell Bergman often attributes his interest in collaborative reporting to his frustrations as a television producer at “60 Minutes.” With only 14 minutes of TV time for each report, there was a lot of information that fell onto the cutting-room floor. “If I broke a story on television I could not give the […] more »

by Carrie Lozano

Journalists, by nature, tend to be fiercely competitive, racing to break the news before their rivals. Given that tendency, anyone who’s engaged in a journalism collaboration knows that it’s an extraordinary endeavor. That’s why it’s worth stepping back and identifying what we really mean when we say we’re collaborating. At the Investigative Reporting Program at […] more »

by Mark Glaser

I still remember the feeling when my son, Julian, was born nearly 10 years ago — a newborn, barely blinking, crying and groping his way through his young life. I think about all the preparation that went into his birth: the parenting classes, the baby manuals, buying all the gear. And then all that pain […] more »

by Leah Bartos

From the air-conditioned meeting rooms to the muggy poolside bar, everyone at this year’s Investigative Reporters and Editors conference was talking collaboration. It seems that our once doggedly independent industry is beginning to embrace a lesson long forgotten from elementary school: how to play nicely with others. And that might be because there are few […] more »

by Carrie Lozano

Recently at the Logan Symposium at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, Mark Katches, California Watch’s editorial director, asked a room full of reporters and editors if anyone wanted to share a “collaboration horror story.” There were chuckles, but no volunteers. Horror story may have been too strong a term, but don’t be misled by […] more »