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by Alex Park

That a story can give voice to a cause and incite a social movement is an old concept. But at a recent gathering of more than 100 documentary filmmakers, social entrepreneurs and designers, the real question was not whether stories can make change happen, but how to make storytelling a systemic part of how a […] more »

by Amanda Lin Costa

Click here to read the whole series Traditionally, there were three main types of distribution for the work of independent filmmakers: theatrical, broadcast and straight to DVD. Most filmmakers hoped for a combination of all three. But everything has changed. The digital online world has opened up new avenues of distribution including video on demand, […] more »

by Mark Glaser

With rising cable and satellite bills, thrifty Americans pinched by the recession have considered cutting the cord to cable. The savings can be enormous, even if the tech know-how can be daunting when creating your new cable-free TV-watching environment. So MediaShift has decided to devote a week of editorial to cord-cutting, with our in-depth guide, […] more »

by Amanda Lin Costa

Lower costs in pro-consumer digital equipment, the crowdfunding phenomenon, and new online and mobile distribution models have opened the door the past few years to many first-time documentary filmmakers in the United States. Independent filmmaking is on the rise, and with that, a trend for more personalized storytelling. Many of today’s documentary filmmakers are making […] more »

by Nick Mendoza

The second line of filmmaker Tim Burton’s new short story is this: It is, of course, a tweet — and one that encapsulates a new participatory era where contributions and voices from the public are reflected in all forms of art and storytelling, film included. One of the early adopters of emerging media was filmmaker […] more »