Tag: dark social

by Julie Keck

1. Barnes & Noble relabels PubIt! as Nook Press, adds web-based publishing tool (Engadget) 2. Turow on the slow death of the American author (NYT) 3. How Kobo kicked Google’s butt (Digital Book World) 4. “Next time, I’ll self-publish” (Indie Reader) 5. BajaLibros, a big Spanish-language e-book store, comes to the U.S. (PaidContent.org) 6. 5 […] more »

by Leandro Oliva

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Leandro Oliva. 1. There’s less “Dark Social” than meets the eye (Buzzfeed) 2. Google News faces mass newspaper boycott in Brazil (paidContent) 3. AOL’s Patch ‘in line to make a profit’ (Guardian) 4. Twitter, Reddit and the battle over freedom of speech (GigaOM) […] more »