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by Ed Madison

Forbidden. That was our collective sense of Cuba these past 50 years, as trade embargoes and mass mistrust framed relations between our two countries. Yet as journalism instructors, we remained curious. Our idea to take 20 University of Oregon students to Cuba surfaced as a crazy notion two years ago. We were aware of U.S. […] more »

by Amberly Alene Ellis

After the Cuban revolution of 1959, cinema became a major component of the socio-political revolution of the Cuban consciousness. Some filmmakers would experience a rise to fame, while the names of other filmmakers were almost forgotten in the public memory. In March, as a graduate MFA candidate in the American University School of Communication, I embarked […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. In Cuba, an underground network armed with USB drives does the work of Google and YouTube (Sarah Kessler / Fast Company) 2. People want screens on their car dashboards, but is it safe? (Sarah McBride & Paul Lienert / Huffington Post) 3. A globalized world demands globalized investigative reporting; study outlines how to do […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How a Nieman Fellow is using flash drives to change Cuban media (Sarah Kessler / Fast Company) 2. Charter announces plan to buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House (Brian Stelter / CNN Money) 3. Publishers are treating email newsletters as a platform of its own (Lucia Moses / Digiday) 4. Snapchat CEO says […] more »

by Benjamin Shors

Before we departed on the 45-minute charter flight from Miami to Havana, Cuba, last spring, my students and I made a pact: No Facebook. No Twitter. No social media. We went so far as to turn off the GPS tracking on our phones, concerned that Cuban officials might fret about our digital footprints as we […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The newsonomics of Digital First Media’s Thunderdome implosion (and coming sale) (Ken Doctor / Nieman Lab) 2. US secretly created ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest (Desmond Butler, Jack Gillum & Alberto Arce / AP) 3. Turkey’s Twitter ban violates free speech: constitutional court (Humeyra Pamuk / Reuters) 4. Aereo attracts support from Dish Network, […] more »

by Curt Devine

For the past half dozen years, dissidents such as Yoani Sanchez and her blog “Generation Y” have opened the political debate like no other time since the Castros came to power in Cuba. But Cuba’s dissident movement has deep roots, with many working in relative obscurity for decades. That’s all changing with modern technology. With […] more »

by Anne Nelson

It wasn’t your typical keynote address. Earlier this month, at an event held on the campus of Cornell University, a room of people gazed at a blank screen in rapt attention, listening to a woman speak over a weak cell phone connection originating in Cuba. The speaker was Cuba’s 32-year-old star blogger, Yoani Sanchez. The […] more »