Tag: audiobooks

by Julie Keck

1. U.S. says Apple e-books antitrust monitor no longer needed (Nate Raymond / Reuters) 2. How authors can find their ideal reading audience (Angela Ackerman / JaneFriedman.com) 3. New ‘enhanced’ Harry Potter e-books come to Apple (Anick Jesdanun / Huffington Post) 4. Take your time: Tips from an indie author (Drucilla Shultz  / BookLife) 5. […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Is Amazon creating a cultural monopoly? (Vauhini Vara / New Yorker) 2. A manifesto for an independent publisher (Bethan James / FutureBook) 3. Scribd switching to two-tier audiobook service (Calvin Reid / Publishers Weekly) 4. Why there’s so much conflicting advice about social media (Jane Friedman / Writer Unboxed) 5. Kobo wants to help […] more »

by Laura Caldwell

I’m listening to the audio version my first book, “Burning the Map.” Which means, I’m listening to a talented actor, Piper Goodeve, inhabit the voice and the soul of Casey Evers, a character I wrote long ago, a character I wasn’t sure I’d see (or hear) from again. It’s even more gratifying because I produced […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Amazon-owned Audible lowers royalty rates on self-published audiobooks (Laura Hazard Owen / GigaOm) 2. New Mills & Boon website offers community connecting fans with authors (Sarah Shaffi / The Bookseller) 3. Google Play Books increases EPUB and PDF file upload limits (Mike Kozlowski / Good e-Reader) 4. QED seal keeps a check on e-book […] more »

by Lily Leung

he best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Lily Leung. 1. Twitter to block tweets on case-by-case basis (CNET) 2. Twitter faces censorship backlash  (paidContent) 3. Google spent almost $2 billion on acquisitions in 2011 (TechCrunch) 4. Facebook hires Bloomberg journalist to be managing editor (BusinessInsider) 5. Lee Enterprises leader named […] more »