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by Claire Groden

On Wednesday, Pew released its eleventh annual State of the News Media report, featuring a wealth of data and analysis for journalists to chew over. The report underscored the optimism present in media this year, especially with the growth of serious digital reporting outfits. A crop of new digital outlets, such as those created by […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Majority views NSA phone tracking as acceptable anti-terror tactic (Pew Research Center) 2. Opinion: NSA is doing what Google does (Washington Post) 3. Apple’s new promises to news organizations (Nieman Lab) 4. Self-published e-book titles account for 20 percent of UK genre market (Guardian) 5. TV ad dollars slow to move online (paidContent)   Get our newsletters delivered straight to your inbox.    more »

by Jenny Xie

Responsive web design — where “one design fits all devices” — continues to gain momentum. Dozens of responsive sites have popped up, and a recent post on Idea Lab from Journalism Accelerator outlined how and why media sites should go responsive. Click on the image for the entire series. But hold your horses. Despite the […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Washington Post to charge frequent web users (Washington Post) 2. In 2012, newspapers lost $16 in print ads for every $1 gained in digital (The Atlantic) 3. NBCnews.com snags Yahoo News editor-in-chief amid first wave of hires (WSJ) 4. Can content marketing save journalism? (Mashable) 5. Social media and the global office (Wall Street […] more »