Tag: 9/11

by Meagan Doll

Though “9/11 Stories: The Children,” an iBook produced by Rutgers University, began as an ordinary conversation between two seasoned journalists, the multimedia package consists of all but ordinary conversations. The iBook comes after a 9/11 Project course was offered in the spring of 2011, first imagined by former Rutgers professor Ron Miskoff and New Jersey Press Association […] more »

by Dan Reimold

As student journalists across the country gear up for another academic year, it’s worth looking at the most impressive feats of the last year in college media. Over the past academic year, student news teams put together a number of editions — in advance and spur-of-the-moment on deadline — geared toward remembering or highlighting major […] more »

by Anne Nelson

There is nothing like an anniversary to force you to notice change. In New York City this weekend, a lot of us are contemplating what’s happened over the past decade: to ourselves, to our city, and to the world. One of the most startling realizations is the shift in the role of the media since […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Today is September 11, and the date 9/11 will seemingly forever be linked to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. in 2001. I kept hearing on NPR News yesterday that the memorials for 9/11 had already started a day earlier on 9/10. I dreaded this day, especially as a media watcher, because I knew the […] more »