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Best Practices
by Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz

There isn’t a single answer to my challenge of making city data engaging and useful for citizens. During my research, however, I arrived at some insights I hope will help move the conversation about open data forward. We have to flip the open data model: Current “open data” solutions are built based on what data […] more »

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Best Practices
by Dickens Olewe

After seeing how Kenyan journalists cover flood stories, I was convinced that drones — also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — could be useful. Journalists could deploy them to get aerial views of what was happening on the ground instead of risking their lives using rickety boats to do their reporting. I also thought […] more »

by Aleszu Bajak

This piece was initially published on Storybench, a cookbook for digital storytelling. Storybench is a collaboration between Northeastern University’s Media Innovation program, a new graduate degree in digital journalism, and Esquire magazine. “Little did I know that the whole time I was working there, I was killing myself.” That’s what Rick Luzaich, a former construction […] more »

by Mike Rispoli

The conversation about the future of journalism has long focused on how to save newspapers, how to adopt new technologies for reporting and distribution and how to find sustainable business models to preserve the news as we’ve known it. While these efforts are important, they focus on the business of journalism while overlooking journalism’s purpose […] more »

Best Practices
by Josh Stearns

Collaboration is at the heart of the work we are doing through the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation’s Journalism Sustainability project which is focused on developing a statewide model for a more connected, inclusive, sustainable news ecosystem in New Jersey. We believe that quality local news is critical to healthy communities and that sustainability for that […] more »

Best Practices
by John Clark

People matter. I have witnessed the power of that simple truth all my life. People make things happen. In the Lab, the students’ success is my success. That’s exactly how it should be. When I became General Manager of, Jim Goodmon, Capitol Broadcasting Company’s President and CEO, gave me two pieces of advice for […] more »