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Photo by Rocío Lara on Flickr and used here with Creative Commons license.
by Khari Johnson

This post originally appeared on Through the Cracks: Crowdfunding in Journalism. Kickstarter plays a central role in the crowdfunding universe, but it is not the sun. The crowd is the sun. Kickstarter is a big planet in a solar system full of other planets. Pew Research Center released a study last week that on its […] more »

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by Julie Keck

In the race to figure out whether print is dying or e-readers are here to stay, one thing that’s often left out is the “how.” How do you pry those glossy, perfume-scented magazines out of people’s hands and get them to try something new? With their new app, Read for the Cure gives print magazine […] more »

by Sam Berkhead

It’s more difficult than ever for U.S. media organizations to cover international events. Since 2003, the number of foreign correspondents working for U.S. outlets has fallen 24 percent. Yet as press freedom continues to decline around the world, the need for major news outlets to sustain a presence abroad is more vital than ever. That’s […] more »

by Mike Rispoli

This piece was co-written by Fiona Morgan. Atlantic City is a place of riches — not in terms of material wealth, but in terms of people, local history, neighborhoods and the overall sense of community. That message came through loud and clear Tuesday evening during the News Voices: New Jersey event at the Noyes Arts […] more »

by Luke Kingma

In the opening moments of 2015, prodigal Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian shared his renewed vision for the so-called front page of the Internet with “The Future of Reddit is Media,” the headline read, sparking considerable industry fanfare. The 32-year old entrepreneur strategically paired the announcement with the launch of Reddit’s first podcast, a bold step […] more »

by Francesco Marconi

Since the advent of the Internet, publishers have been trying to leverage distribution channels — such as social media networks — to drive traffic to their own websites. Now, though, content can be hosted and monetized on these third-party platforms through services including Facebook’s Instant Articles or Snapchat’s Discover. As such, we can see the emergence of a new […] more »