#EdShift Chats

#EdShift Chats
by Stacy Forster

Is there an industry left for you to join when you graduate? Journalism students today are used to teasing questions like that one about their chosen major. But while most students know the journalism industry has undergone fundamental shifts in the digital age, few really understand how the business side of the industry works. In our #EdShift chat […] more »

#EdShift Chats

Some say 2015 was the year of video, as social media video viewed on such platforms as Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat and more exploded, and viewership of all forms of video expanded. And while it’s easier than ever to watch real-time or produced video, it’s also easier to create it. How do you join in the trend […] more »

#EdShift Chats

Everyone walking around with a mobile phone is a photographer, with a high-end camera within reach in a pocket or bag. But how can you take advantage of all a mobile camera can do? Join us on Tuesday, Tuesday, Jan. 5, starting at 1 p.m. Eastern time/Noon Central/10 a.m. Pacific time for an #EdShift Twitter […] more »

#EdShift Chats

Twitter Moments? Facebook Instant Articles? The New York Times’ move into virtual reality? What were the biggest innovations in journalism and digital media for 2015? And what will we be reflecting on at this time a year from now? Join us for an #EdShift Twitter chat on Tuesday, Dec. 15, starting at 1 p.m. Eastern […] more »

#EdShift Chats

In our next #EdShift chat, we’ll discuss lessons learned from those covering, watching and teaching about the protests earlier this month at the University of Missouri. The chat will take place at 1 p.m. Eastern time/Noon Central/10 a.m. Pacific time, on Tuesday, Dec. 1. The protests about diversity on campus prompted the resignation of two […] more »

#EdShift Chats

As the media industry continues its ongoing, roiling transition, one critical piece is in question: where will the dollars to support journalism — in all forms — come from? More and more, journalism organizations and educators turn to funding from foundations to launch projects, prompt innovation and simply keep publishing. But applying for funding can […] more »

#EdShift Chats

The best and most successful strategies for building a brand have been those that include storytelling, with content that consumers actually want. Storytelling about brands is more important than ever with the rise of content marketing, which crosses journalism, public relations and advertising and aims directly at consumers. What is content marketing, and how do […] more »

#EdShift Chats

The form of audio storytelling known as podcasting boomed last year with the popularity of Serial, bringing new attention and energy to the process of engaging listeners through audio conversations and perhaps ushering in a new Golden Age of radio. But it’s not all because of Serial — the growth of podcasting has been building […] more »

#EdShift Chats

Revising a journalism curriculum to reflect industry trends is a must, but it can also take years to accomplish. How do you cover the fundamentals of journalism while still trying to prepare students with the most relevant digital skills and techniques and reflect shifting ethical questions? Join us at 1 p.m. Eastern Time/Noon Central Time/10 […] more »

#EdShift Chats

We’re at a point where the video capability on our phones nearly matches that of expensive video cameras. For those teaching students and professionals how to shoot video, mobile considerations are key. Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time/12 p.m. Central Time/10 a.m. Pacific Time for our #EdShift Twitter chat about […] more »

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EducationShift aims to move journalism education forward with coverage of innovation in the classroom as journalism and communications schools around the globe are coping with massive technological change. The project includes a website, bi-weekly Twitter chats at #EdShift, mixers and workshops, and webinars for educators.

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MediaShift received a grant from the Knight Foundation to revamp its EducationShift section to focus on change in journalism education. It will extend the conversation started by Eric Newton's "Searchlights and Sunglasses," a resource for journalism educators.