Andrew Haeg

Andrew Haeg is product manager for the Public Insight Network (PIN) at American Public Media and was a 2008-2009 Knight Fellow at Stanford University. In 2003, Haeg co-founded PIN, an online initiative which systematically incorporates the knowledge and insights of the audience into journalism at close to 70 news organizations. Today, more than 160,000 people are part of the Public Insight Network. Haeg helped lead a team that won two Batten Awards for Innovation in Journalism, and the Inaugural Knight EPpy Award for Innovation in Journalism. He earned his master's in journalism from Columbia University, worked as a business and economics reporter for Minnesota Public Radio News and as Midwest correspondent for The Economist.

by Andrew Haeg

At the end of September, I left American Public Media after 13 years as a reporter and co-founder of the Public Insight Network. I have three young kids. I had a good job in an industry where good jobs are scarce and getting scarcer. I could have worked there for years and been engaged intellectually […] more »

by Andrew Haeg

Nearly 10 years ago, the Public Insight Network began as an experiment in radically improving journalism by harnessing the intelligence and expertise of the audience. We started simply, at MPR News, but soon began to open up the network to partners, and in so doing, asked journalists a simple question: Will you open up to […] more »