Tag: watchdog

by Alison Bass

When I moved to Morgantown almost three years ago to teach journalism at West Virginia University, the sketchiness of the local news coverage shocked me. The one newspaper that covers the Morgantown area is owned by a family who have amassed a fortune in the coal and limestone industries, and the paper either doesn’t know […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Patch is laying off hundreds of employees on Friday (Romenesco) 2. Labavit, the secure email service Edward Snowden reportedly used, shuts down under pressure (Quartz) 3. Apple’s Tim Cook, tech executives meet with Barack Obama to talk surveillance (Politico) 4. Tumblr founder to get $81 million to remain at Yahoo (ABC News) 5. Amid […] more »

by Steven Davy

Traditionally, newspaper reporters were dispatched to cover the mundane proceedings of a local government in action: the city council meeting. But as the mainstream media grapples with its survival in the Internet era, the seats in the audience once occupied by full-time reporters are sometimes being filled by local bloggers and other citizen media outfits. […] more »

by Craig Silverman

On Sunday, the New York Times published an Editors’ Note detailing a conflict of interest: The “Place” feature about Miami in the T magazine travel issue on Nov. 22 included a reference to the 8 oz. Burger Bar. The writer has had a long personal relationship with a co-owner of the restaurant; had editors known […] more »

by Katie Donnelly

With the 2010 U.S. elections coming into view, many people are looking for more information about the people running for office — and the individuals and organizations funding these candidates. Fortunately, there are dozens of initiatives that mine and share the data that influence policy and policy-makers. Many are funded by The Sunlight Foundation, which […] more »