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by Julie Keck

1. Broadband providers sue FCC over net neutrality (via Circa) 2. The glamorous life of a journalist, sponsored content edition (James Fallows / The Atlantic) 3. Indian Supreme Court scraps Section 66A, protects online freedom of speech (Amit Chaturvedi / NDTV) 4. Facebook may host news sites’ content (Ravi Somaiya, Mike Isaac & Vindu Goel […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Tribune Media has a new digital boss, and a new digital strategy (Peter Kafka / Re/code) 2. Verge Hack Week: Building new storytelling tools, plotting growth (Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab) 3. Daily Mail solves Internet paradox (Michael Wolff / USA Today) 4. Rogers and Shaw team up to launch a Netflix competitor for […] more »

by Dena Levitz

Taking a break from liking, friending, following, pinning, surfing, posting and all those other online pursuits is daunting enough for regular users. Imagine being a technology pioneer who, by definition, has to stay wedded to the web. This past year, a number of big names in the digital world took on this exact challenge. Paul […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

This week’s episode focuses on the role of live coverage in the media ecosystem. When does it work? When does it not? How do you balance speed and accuracy? How does it pull in readers? We’ll talk to some of the leading minds in breaking news journalism and how their live coverage has meant big […] more »