Tag: start-ups

by Julie Keck

1. Instagram builds its own version of Snapchat Live Stories (Kurt Wagner / Re/code) 2. Here’s why ESPN is shutting down Grantland (Daniel Roberts / Fortune) 3. Harvard Law Library readies trove of decisions for digital age (Erik Eckholm / New York Times) 4. German daily Die Welt wants to bundle print, digital, and TV […] more »

by Jan Schaffer

So far, two cohort groups, some 21 people, have gone through my Seminar in Media Entrepreneurship for mid-career professionals. It is the first seminar that each cohort group takes as they embark on the 20-month, 10-course journey to a Master of Arts in Media Entrepreneurship (MAME) at American University’s School of Communication (SOC). As entrepreneurship […] more »

by Rachele Kanigel

When Adda Birnir joined the first class of the new entrepreneurial journalism program at the City University of New York in 2012, she thought she had a great idea for a new business: creating software that could optimize web content for a tablet. Four months later, Birnir launched her company, and it continues to this […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Reddit says bomb suspects cleared (Business Insider) 2. Anonymous offers citizen journalism (BBC) 3. Guardian’s Simon Rogers to join Twitter as data editor (Journalism.uk) 4. 5 startups changing the way the news business delivers content (PaidContent.org) 5. Tumblr’s David Karp on the closing of Storyboard: It “didn’t work” (Capital New York) Subscribe to Daily […] more »

by Nicholas White

This is the third and final post in a series from Nicholas White, the co-founder and CEO of The Daily Dot. It was one year ago this month that I moved to Austin, Texas, in full dedication to creating The Daily Dot, the hometown newspaper of the world wide web. This week, we officially launched […] more »

by Roland Legrand

People often think it’s best to hide their good ideas and develop them in secret. The goal is to beat the competition by emerging only once your concept is fully developed and ready to go. This can be the case with a new business, or a piece of journalism. At the moment, though, people seem […] more »