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by Mark Glaser

Back in the day, the only coverage of a sporting event came from the accredited media. But now, you can find out more from fans in the seats taking pictures and posting to blogs — or from the athletes themselves who are getting hooked on Twitter and Facebook status updates. In fact, Major League Baseball […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Spoiler alert! Thanks to NBC’s use of time delay in broadcasting the Olympics to the Western U.S., those who live their lives online during the day are bound to find out what happened long before it airs in prime-time. Anyone who doesn’t want to know the results prior to airtime is going to have to […] more »

by Craig Silverman

Next month, newspapers all over the United States will begin sharing sports stories online and in print as part of an initiative that sprung from the Associated Press Sports Editors. Then, early next year, the Washington Post and Bloomberg will unveil a new co-branded business section on the paper’s website that will offer content from […] more »

by Simon Owens

Early last month, the Wall Street Journal reported on a dying breed of newspaper baseball beat journalists. “As newspapers cut budgets and payrolls, the press boxes at major league ballparks are becoming increasingly lonely places, signaling a future when some games may be chronicled only by wire services, house organs and Web writers watching the […] more »

by Mark Glaser

The camera pans into the crowd lazily, catching the sight of the painted faces of college basketball fanatics. It then cuts jerkily to cheerleaders getting ready to do a routine. The audio is off, and then suddenly comes to life. The scene cuts to the tunnel below the stadium where the Virginia Tech Hokies are […] more »