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by Miral Sattar

The following piece is a guest post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication. Read more about MediaShift guest posts here. You’ve written your book and now you want to tell the world about it. Book reviews are one way to get the word out about your book. So how does one […] more »

by Miral Sattar

For many authors, self-publishing is a first option instead of a backup to traditional publishing. Two years ago I broke down the costs to self-publish a high-quality book. The costs covered how much a traditional publisher typically spends on a book. The book publishing industry is one of the last industries to go digital, and […] more »

by Gary Moskowitz

A few months ago, Bloomberg laid off its theater critic and dismantled its culture desk to focus simply on “luxury.” USC’s Annenberg School is shutting down its Getty Arts Journalism fellowship program. Harvard’s Nieman Fellowship in Arts & Culture Reporting no longer exists. In recent years, the Village Voice fired its film critic and the […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Are you a teenager who reads news online? According to the Justice Department, you may be a criminal (Electronic Frontier Foundation) 2. Douglas Rushkoff is right – traditional media are caught between the stream and the reservoir (PaidContent.org) 3. The newsonomics of the Orange County Register’s contrarian pay wall (Neiman) 4. Tech journalism must […] more »

by Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

Before the web was in widespread use, food lovers would wait patiently for the New York Times restaurant reviews to come out for the hottest new spot in SoHo, or for hometown papers to write up the little Korean joint that just opened down the street. We relied heavily on that system of stars, dollar […] more »