Tag: public access

by Jessica Clark

A consensus has begun to emerge around the Federal Communications Commission report, “The Information Needs of Communities,” released Thursday: The diagnosis is sound, but the remedies are lacking. The 465-page report (see full report, embedded below) is the result of 600-plus interviews, hearings and reams of research conducted over 18 months. It represents the most […] more »

by Katie Donnelly

In 2008, Mike Rosen-Molina wrote on MediaShift about public access TV’s “fight for relevance” in the digital age: In an age when it’s increasingly easy for amateur filmmakers, citizen journalists, and the general public to distribute videos online, is there any point in having a public-access cable channel? Some argue that public-access television has outlived […] more »

by Mike Rosen-Molina

Public-access television is a sometimes bizarre world where anyone with the time and inclination can appear on television. It’s where you find the rants of Colombus, Ohio, goth Damon Zex and the strange instructional videos of Let’s Paint TV, where Los Angeles host John Kilduff taught viewers how to paint and make blended drinks all […] more »