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by Sonia Paul

Given the amount of time some of us spend online, on social media and on messaging apps, the idea that technology can offer a source of comfort may seem obvious. The reverse might also be a no-brainer — that without technology, some people may feel isolated. But what happens when you apply these understandings to┬áthe […] more »

by Simon Roughneen

BANGKOK — Less than a week after a new cybercrime law came into force in the Philippines, the country’s Supreme Court today ruled to suspend implementation, pending review to decide if the law undermines civil liberties. The suspension comes after a public outcry mounted against some of the provisions of the law, which aims to […] more »

by Simon Roughneen

Two and a half years to the day since the world’s worst-ever single mass killing of journalists took place in the southern Philippines, many suspects remain at large, the trial is stalled, and victim’s families are being harassed and intimidated. MANILA — Most days, Philippine presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda does a White House-style briefing with […] more »