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by Craig Silverman

“Welcome to the conference where journalism supposedly doesn’t know it’s supposed to be dead.” Those were the welcoming words from Online News Association executive director Jane McDonnell as she opened the 2010 Online News Association Conference. Many of the top people in online journalism in the Unites States, Canada and other countries are in Washington, […] more »

by Mark Glaser

5Across is sponsored by Carnegie-Knight News21, an alliance of 12 journalism schools in which top students tell complex stories in inventive ways. See tips for spurring innovation and digital learning at Learn.News21.com. What are content farms? If you’ve been reading our special series at MediaShift on the subject, you’d know that content farms or mills […] more »

by Dorian Benkoil

Click image to read more in this series From a business perspective, traditional journalism is rather inefficient. Stories are chosen by a small group whose members often have similar experiences and outlooks. With little knowledge of true market demand, they assign the stories to a limited pool of writers and reporters who may not have […] more »

by Corbin Hiar

Click image to read more in this series In my first article for our special Beyond Content Farms series, I examined the opportunities available to writers at some of the biggest content farms. Today, I look at jobs covering hyper-local news. What hyper-local news organizations are aiming for is nothing short of revolutionary: AOL’s two-year-old […] more »

by Andria Krewson

Click image to read more in this series It’s difficult for media people to search any job site these days without running into an ad for AOL’s Patch. It seems equally difficult to read media news sites without finding a feature story about Connecticut’s MainStreetConnect. MainStreetConnect has appeared in recent days in both Columbia Journalism […] more »

by Andria Krewson

Local advertising is back in style, at least among some big national media companies, and that attitude shift has fueled changes for hyper-local and micro-local news sites. While small independents might not yet feel the financial benefits of an increased focus on local advertising, some site owners are seeing increased interest in the content they […] more »

by Andria Krewson

The pace of change for hyper-local news sites and related businesses is dizzying. It’s hard to keep up, especially if you try to pay attention to business moves made by large players, as well as innovations that bubble up from local, independent news sites. This year already began with large companies and investors making moves […] more »