Tag: objectivity

by Emily Metzgar

Since 2010, I’ve been teaching a graduate class in Indiana University’s Journalism program, requiring that students complete 20 hours of service work in the community as part of their final grade. The reaction from students has been powerful. One student noted that the experience “made me examine my privilege in a way that was really […] more »

by John McManus

With professional journalism imploding and an exploding infosphere online, on cable, and on air that’s bursting with questionable news and information, how can a consumer or citizen become informed without being misled? A page from www.martinlutherking.org This new information landscape is as vast as the Sahara, but full of mirages. You can look up almost […] more »

by Stephen J. A. Ward

In response to the rapidly changing media environment, many schools and academic programs are offering novel approaches to journalism education. This seismic change creates tensions within programs, especially when it comes to how to teach ethics for this increasingly mixed media. In an earlier column, I put forward some principles for teaching ethics amid this […] more »

by Alana Taylor

The idea for NYU Local, the newest addition to New York University’s list of publications, was born last year when founder and editor Cody Brown, 20, came up with the idea for a survey to be conducted by the Foundations of Journalism class. The survey question asked other NYU students: “Would you trade your right […] more »