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by Julie Keck

1. Online release of story on nail salon hazards leads to emergency measures in New York (Sarah Maslin Nir / New York Times) 2. After CNN, a new start helping journalists embrace ‘the wearable revolution’ (Katie Hawkins-Gaar / Poynter) 3. Netflix’s Reed Hastings predicts the future of TV over the next 20 years (Zac Seward […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. C.J.R. gets advice from students and an updated look (Jeremy Barr / Capital New York) 2. Next semester, some journalism students will be reading David Carr for credit (Kristen Hare / Poynter) 3. Why plagiarize when you can rip off a writer’s thoughts? (Marc Fisher / Columbia Journalism Review) 4. Google is breaking up […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Edward Snowden’s privacy tips: “Get rid of Dropbox,” avoid Facebook and Google (Anthony Ha / TechCrunch) 2. AJ+ hires Circa’s Chief Content Officer David Cohn (Janko Roettgers / GigaOm) 3. YouTube takes Manhattan (David Carr / The New York Times) 4. Nielsen says it screwed up — but its fix won’t help TV’s real […] more »

by Charles Melcher

“Phone-and-drone” journalist Tim Pool, is one of the speakers at the second annual The Future of StoryTelling summit in New York City on Thursday, October 3rd. In the short film below, Pool, now a Producer at VICE Media, shares his experience at the front lines of the Occupy Wall Street movement, live-streaming everything he saw and quickly […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on journalism and digital education 1. Did Peru’s ambitious laptop program fail? (AP) 2. Cyber bullying measure in New York becomes law (MSNBC) 3. Teaching technology in a no-tech classroom (Orange County Register) 4. How web-based tools can improve teaching (Education Week) 5. Video: Autistic students form iPad band […] more »

by Josh Stearns

This month, federal agencies and local officials sent two powerful but conflicting messages to the American public about our right to record. On May 14, the Justice Department submitted a letter to the Baltimore Police Department providing in-depth guidance on citizens’ right to record. The letter was submitted as part of a court case that dates […] more »

by Megan Taylor

The MediaShift Innovation Spotlight looks in-depth at one great mash-up, database, mapping project or multimedia story that combines technology and journalism in useful ways. These projects can be at major newspaper or broadcast sites, or independent news sites or blogs. The main spotlights will run every other week, with mini-spotlights running on the off-weeks. What […] more »