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by Ben DeJarnette

“Redefining Engagement” is a special 11-part series on the progress, promise and potential challenges of community engagement in journalism. The series, produced by the Agora Journalism Center, will be published in serial this month by MediaShift. Click here for the full series. Last November, as racial tensions sparked mass protests at the University of Missouri, […] more »

by Denise McGill

Journalists and protestors clashed at the University of Missouri on November 10, and thanks to social media, we all got a view of it in a widely circulated video shot by Mark Schierbecker. Despite some hairy moments in the video, things worked out well for student photojournalist Tim Tai. He acted with composure, and university […] more »

by Liz Medhin

It’s been a good five years since I have been in a newsroom, but I’ve come to accept that once a journalist, always a journalist. I can’t watch the nightly news without critiquing a liveshot, and I still pay attention to Murrow winners and fan-tweet reporters whose work I admire. It seems a decade of […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. J-school prof on leave after inflammatory tweet about Navy shootings (Associated Press / Washington Post) 2. Mini MOOC minors (Carl Straumsheim / Inside Higher Ed) 3. Missouri j-school to seek drone permit (Associated Press / KSDK) 4. High-profile MOOC prof dumps Coursera (Eliana Dockterman / TIME) 5. Why colleges are taking a hybrid approach […] more »

by Rob Arcamona

Last week, a Missouri judge issued a preliminary injunction against the state, suspending part of a law that would have made it illegal for teachers and students to connect via social networks. Section 162.069.4 of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act — which aims to protect children from sexual predators — prohibits teachers from establishing, […] more »