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by Emily Metzgar

Since 2010, I’ve been teaching a graduate class in Indiana University’s Journalism program, requiring that students complete 20 hours of service work in the community as part of their final grade. The reaction from students has been powerful. One student noted that the experience “made me examine my privilege in a way that was really […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. “How I’m already using ‘Searchlights and Sunglasses’ in the classroom” (Susan Moeller / Knight Foundation) 2. As with media, in education it’s better to be a platform than a publication (Carmel DeAmicis / PandoDaily) 3. $1 million in microgrants available to j-schools for digital innovation (Laura Klinger / Poynter) 4. Indiana University to merge […] more »

by Jennifer Paull

As students at the Missouri School of Journalism, we’ve learned about the importance of social media to the news industry. But beyond the scope of journalism, we use social media every day just to communicate with each other. From perusing Spring Break pictures to keeping up with friends’ birthdays, Facebook and Twitter are constant companions […] more »