Tag: higher education

by Julie Keck

1. 6 technology challenges facing education (The Journal) 2. What web developers and teachers can learn from each other (EdSurge) 3. Who has concerns about MOOCs? The instructors qualified to teach them (Inside Higher Education) 4. Virtual schooling: Where are we now? Where are we headed? (Edutopia) 5. Infographic: Will MOOCs disrupt higher education or level the playing field? (EdTech) Get our newsletters delivered straight […] more »

by Leandro Oliva

The best stories across the web on journalism and digital education. 1. College students to tweet even more in class as social media becomes a major (Fast Company) 2. New online learning tool brings ‘the crowd’ into homework assignments (MIT) 3. The newsonomics of college news innovation (Nieman Lab) 4. Higher education: our MP3 is the MOOC (The Guardian) […] more »

by Doug Ward

The rush to create large, free online classes has generated anxiety at universities around the country. With finances already tight and with a surge of movement toward online learning, universities are being forced to move quickly to change centuries-old models of learning. Terms like historic, seismic and revolutionary now pop up in descriptions of the […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on journalism and digital education journalism. 1. Study: iPad is a solid education tool (Wired) 2. The 6 things you learn as a journalism mentor (Poynter) 3. Lazy higher-ed journalism (Inside Higher Ed) 4. Why to embrace social media in the classroom (TeachHUB) 5. Teachers on Twitter: It’s all […] more »

by Alexa Capeloto

Rachele Kanigel had two thoughts when she started reading about the journalistic potential of Google+, the new social-networking program that just might push onto Facebook’s turf. The first: “This academic year, everyone is going to discover Google+ and student newsrooms are going to be doing a lot with it.” The second: “Darn.” Kanigel, a journalism […] more »