Doug Ward

Doug Ward is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Kansas, where he teaches courses in editing, innovation, research and history. The Scripps Howard Foundation named him the 2011 Journalism and Mass Communication Teacher of the Year. Before joining the faculty at KU, he was an editor at The New York Times. You can find him online at www.kuediting.com and www.journalismtech.com, and follow him on Twitter @kuediting.

by Doug Ward

The rush to create large, free online classes has generated anxiety at universities around the country. With finances already tight and with a surge of movement toward online learning, universities are being forced to move quickly to change centuries-old models of learning. Terms like historic, seismic and revolutionary now pop up in descriptions of the […] more »

by Doug Ward

If you want to see a teacher fume, just bring up the topic of cell phones in class. Technology, especially social media and text messaging, competes for students’ attention as never before. When half of social media users say they check messages from bed, and 11 percent of those 25 or younger are willing to […] more »