Tag: high school newspapers

by Jackson Brook

Having survived my senior year at Palo Alto High School, I think I can safely say that thus far in my education, the most useful thing I have done to develop my intellectual vitality has been joining my high school magazine, Verde. Although most high schools focus solely on a yearbook or a newspaper, Paly […] more »

by Angela Washeck

For most of us, high school was so long ago that we can hardly remember what we were taught and couldn’t even guess what high school students are learning today. Recently, I decided to pursue a teaching certificate in high school journalism and saw quickly what secondary students are learning in their journalism classes, mainly […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Journalism schools have to go where the puck is (Globe and Mail) 2. The rise of edtech (The Next Web) 3. Journalism school tries to keep up with industry shifts (The GW Hachet) 4. High school newspapers thriving with eye on digital (Norwich Bulletin) 5. Technology in schools: Defining the terms (Edutopia) Get our newsletters delivered straight to your inbox.  more »