Tag: google search

by Jefferson Yen

Many of us take for granted the efficacy of search engines in producing accurate results. Just try to remember what it was like browsing the web in the early aughts and you can see how much things have changed. It’s pretty clear that Google’s come out on top in the search engine wars. Even though […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Washington Post Co. chairman and CEO Don Graham on the sale of the company to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and more (Neiman Lab) 2. Google revamps search to feature in-depth articles (CNET) 3. Tech magnates bet on Twitter-savvy politician Booker and his future (NYT) 4. Twitter’s killer new two-factor authentication kicks SMS to the curb […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. When beloved movie critic Roger Ebert lost his voice to cancer, he reclaimed it with the Internet (Sun-Times) 2. Why Facebook Home bothers me: It destroys any notion of privacy (GigaOm) 3. Adair leaving PolitiFact for Knight professorship at Duke (Poynter) 4. As web search goes mobile, competitors chip at Google’s lead (NYT) 5. […] more »